Acquiring Doge Pound NFTs for community rental/breeding service

Recently the doge pound team announced they are working up a breeding system.

The acquisition of rare doge pound NFTs for the SRSC community could add utility to its members in offering rental / breeding services.

  • This could increase the demand of rats and doges between their respective communities.

  • Services offered by the SRSC could create more streams of revenue for the DAO

  • If breeding is exhausted, the community purchased doges could be offered for raffle to help recover dao funds.

Disclosure: I own NFTs from both collections at the time of writing this.

Here is their Doge puppy preview:

Thank you @J0k3 for starting the first-ever community discussion!

I am using this forum post to help us guide this conversation towards a proper proposal:

  • Please provide a few additional details on the current situation with Doge pound, for example
    – Active members
    – Trading volume
    – Details on breeding

And lastly,

  • What is the proposed Polling period?
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Could we get some more info about how breeding works in the Dogepound community?

Would the NFT need to be held in the wallet of the person “renting” the breeder? Is there any burn initiated by breeding or limit on the amount of times one doge can breed?

If this info is released, perhaps a link to the breakdown of the breeding process would be helpful, otherwise I would suggest we wait until such info is released to make a such a decision.

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Would need a lot more information as DrewBleam has stated before being able to vote on it. Sales trajectory is strong looking on Opensea but so are most NFTs currently.

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