Formal Proposal to instate "Ratalyst Fund Initiative"


I expect the Ratalyst Fund to do exactly as the word play suggests and act as a community Catalyst that will allow more rats to take a role in progressing the community with their own work initiatives. This gives the community a real way to earn $CHIZ in exchange for their time and creativity all the while building The SRSC into an even more innovative and collaborative community.


This proposal started as an initiative to find a replacement for the “workin rats” function in the SRSC Discord which is thought to be less engaging for the community and quite the tedious task. Now it is clear that this initiative has the potential to provide a great deal of growth for The SRSC community and the DAO as a whole likewise.

This idea mimics the Cardano Catalyst Fund Initiative which was built to allow the Cardano community to support projects willing to build on top of their blockchain, thereby accelerating the growth of their ecosystem and its useability. If you are on the fence about this proposal, I highly recommend giving Cardano’s Catalyst Initiative a look before moving forward.



This proposal is to create the Sewer Rat Social Club Ratalyst Fund Initiative. This will be a method by which community members can commission their work to the SRSC DAO in accordance to their own unique set of skills such as art, economics, statistics, etc. This process will be overseen by a smart contract that will need to be created if this proposal receives DAO approval.

Phase 1: Submission

A SRSC Ratalyst Worker will start by inputting their commission request via a Google Document. All community members will have a 5 day time period during which they may submit their commission requests to the DAO. The Google Doc will include the following fields of information:

  1. Discord ID (Ransom #8949)
  2. Job Title (Rat-Based Discord Emotes)
  3. In Depth Job Description (Will create 5 Rat-Based Emotes with the following emotions. lists emotions)
  4. Experience in Job’s Related Field and Sample work If Applicable (Digital Graphics design for 6 years; Insert Pictures of Emotes Created by me in the past)
  5. Requested Payout in $CHIZ (10,000 CHIZ)
  6. Job Deadline DD/MM/YYYY (09/01/2021)

Phase 2: DAO Voting

Once submissions have been compiled, the DAO will hold a 5 day voting period during which each participating member will vote Yes or No to each commission proposal. After the 5th day of voting comes to a close, the DAO will release the results via discord to allow the next phase to commence.

After the 5 day voting period, the worker may opt into opening a 24-48 hour discussion window which will allow the worker to ask the community for any suggestions or descriptors they would want to include in the job. This part of the process is fully up to the worker, and they will be expected to complete their job by the original deadline regardless of their decision.

Phase 3: Work Claim

Each Ratalyst Commission will be marked as finished when one of two criteria are met:

  1. The job’s deadline is reached
  2. The worker finishes the job and requests completion approval via a Google Doc Submission

When a Commission is finished, the DAO will have a 48 hour window to vote Yes or No in regards to whether the job was completed in a manner that reflects the original job description. If the DAO votes Yes, the vote will be reported to a smart contract that will release the funds to the worker’s wallet, ending the Ratalyst process for said job.

If the DAO votes No, the job did not meet the standards set by the original job description, and the payment in $CHIZ will not be sent, ending the Ratalyst process for said job. Any community member holding 50,000 CHIZ or more may put forth a motion to pay the worker an amount of $CHIZ that would be a fair value for the work provided.

If a commision passes the Job Deadline without being completed, the job will be marked as finished and funds will not be paid out. It will be the workers duty, at this time, to come forward with their reasoning for not having the job completed if they so please. If the community sees fit, any member holding 50,000 $CHIZ may submit a motion to have the artist paid an amount of $CHIZ that is less than or equal to the originally requested amount upon the worker providing proof of job completion.

What needs to happen for the Ratalyst Fund to become a reality after DAO approval:

  1. A Google Document for “Workin’ Rat Commissions” will need to be created with the parameters listed above
  2. A Google Sheets will need to be created that compiles all “Workin’ Rat Commissions” for the community to view
  3. A smart contract will need to be created that initializes a job that is to be done by a SRSC Member for the SRSC DAO. This contract will need to fulfill the above parameters with a limited amount of human interaction (hence, autonomy). If possible, this contract will also be responsible for creating DAO Votes for proposed “Workin’ Rat Commissions”.
  4. A discord channel will need to be created for discussion on Ratalyst Fund Proposals to allow the community to have a centralized place for discorce via instant messaging. All formal and recorded discourse will need to take place on the DAO Discussion forum, however.

Proposal Contributers

I came up with the idea to create the Ratalyst Fund because I think it will drive a great deal of success, growth, and community involvement for the SRSC. This initiative is directly based off of the Cardano ecosystem’s Catalyst Fund Initiative that has proven to be an efficient mechanism for driving growth from within a DAO.

Contributors to this proposal include those who commented on the original discussion forum who are as follows:
Link to original discussion thread: Hard Workin' Rats!

Polling Period

The polling process will begin on this 10th day of August, 2021 at 06:10 UTC
The polling process will end on the 13th day of August, 2021 at 16:00 UTC.
After this, a Snapshot Vote will be put up at 17:00 UTC on the 13th day of August, 2021 and will end at 18:00 UTC on the 16th day of August, 2021

For: Create the Ratalyst Fund Initiative
Against: Do not create the Ratalyst Fund Initiative

Link to SnapShot Vote: Snapshot

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Will this be done every 6 weeks like the cardano one?

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The timeline will be slightly accelerated on our version as the NFT Space is such a fast moving beast for one along with the fact that these are more like community jobs than actual project funding that will be allocated to larger groups or companies.

That said, the cycle will continue in 5 days spans of proposals followed by the 5 day span of voting that will then repeat itself.

If it becomes apparent in the future that any piece of this cycle is too short or frequent, we will pass a motion to edit the cycle length. (:

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makes sense and i like the accelerated timeframe. thanks for the clarification, the timeline wasn’t clear to me from reading.

Great idea! I think a committee to help guide this through would ensure the success if the initiative.