Hard Workin' Rats!

We all know and love the #workin-rats channel in discord as an incredible way to earn an easy $CHIZ payout, but I can’t help but wonder if there would be a better way to allocate this portion of the "Airdrop Fund " $CHIZ.

My proposal is to transform the Workin’ Rats channel into an aspect of our DAO that allows artists and other talented rats to commision their work for the benefit of our Social Club. I look to the community discussion to help flesh out details, but this is what I’m proposing to get the discussion rolling.

This idea is a bit of a piggy back off of Cardano’s Catalyst Fund that was created as a DAO process to allow projects to build on top of the Cardano Blockchain, using community funds to drive interactivity and growth for the Cardano ecosystem.

My Proposal is to have a Ratalyst Fund Registration once per week that will allow SRSC Members to submit the following:

  1. Job/Commision/Task (ex: Will create SRSC graffiti Mural on a wall in Chicago, IL)
  2. Request $CHIZ amount (ex: 30k CHIZ payout upon mural completion)
  3. Date/Time Frame for Completion

After 1 week of Ratalyst Fund Registration, one week of voting will take place to accept or deny each application. At the end of the week, the votes will be pooled and the Affirmative commissions will be alerted to begin their Work.

Commissions will need to be paid out automatically by the DAO when completed. A “completion confirmation” method will need to be established in order to assure Ratalyst Commissions are carried out before being paid out in $CHIZ. If the project is not completed by the Commision deadline, the fund will need to automatically deny $CHIZ payout.

We will also need to set a deadline to alert members that the current #workin-rats channel that allows members to exchange 20k dCHIZ for 10k $CHIZ will be discontinued or repurposed for stacking assets that do not include $CHIZ. My recommendation is to provide a 5 day Notice for rats to clock in their final free !work commands to give people who have been working hard farming dCHIZ a chance to claim one last 10k $CHIZ voucher

Please relay your thoughts and feedback on this proposal to give an idea of how we could make this into a fully autonomous process and create a formal DAO proposal! Thanks for your time!

The current needs for this proposal to become a fully functioning DAO integration are as follows:

  1. A confirmation method for a commission being completed
  2. A way to deny payout to commissions that aren’t completed by deadline
  3. Automatic payout in $CHIZ for commission completed on time
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I love the ability to earn CHIZ by being in discord, it will keep the community from fragmenting long term. Yes, the !work is somewhat brainless but it’s active and draws us in. I’d love to be able to !work and put a %, that % could go into a pool for artists and projects weekly.

Perhaps peek off 10-20% as a standard contribution to the Rat King and then let us add more if we want too.

More than happy to help the artists. But as a non-artist, I’m not sure how I’d contribute too and thus still get CHIZ.


I appreciate the feedback! I understand the willingness to keep an easy mode of obtaining $CHIZ, but I feel it doesn’t drive any community growth or interaction currently.

Here are some examples of ways non-artists could commission work

  1. Create an advanced discord bot for SRSC that allows us to gain detailed floor analysis (trait depended, varying prices, etc.)
  2. Do a marketing campaign in your city to show off SRSC art to communities that may not have exposure to the NFT scene, but could benefit from being a part of it
  3. Do a mockup of a SRSC Hoodie to give away or sell to the community

The point of this Ratalyst fund would be to drive community interaction and growth! One of the fundamental principals of our club should be to be yourself and to push the limits of one’s capabilities by finding new ways to express yourself and grow the strength of the community.

In my opinion, the Ratalyst Fund would provide every rat with some medium to be rewarded for contributing to the Social Club! (:

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Make $CHIZ a productive token by doing the following:

  1. allocate the community treasury in a yield farm
  2. distribute the yield proportionally among the $CHIZ token holders

I would like to see the current !work thing go away ASAP because it is gameable by bots.

A better way to earn $CHIZ is to do work for the DAO (e.g. make forum proposals, give successful ideas, etc…) or earn Ether for the DAO via selling NFTs, or straight up buying it at a certain rate with the Ether going to the abovementioned community treasury fund.

I like some of the ideas here, but am not sure they exactly pertain to the proposed DAO integration.
I agree that the current !work function is easily gameable and should be looked past very soon.

I would recommend creating an individual forum post laying out your proposed CHIZenomics as this particular thread is in regards to repurposing the working rats function into a “Ratalyst” Fund.

You guys are right. Kill the !work it’s not true value add.

I do love the in discord gaming nature. That’s totally unique.


I think it might be worthwhile to keep the current dCHIZ system for other things such as community giveaways, role requests, and other fun benefits to allow an easy mode of participation in SRSC activities while still taking away the ability to transfer it to $CHIZ.

I can only speak for myself in this part, but I think people are getting tired of typing !work every hour as well. This get a bit tedious, and it feels like something I must do to capitalize on CHIZ gains. Kind of a toxic positive feedback loop.

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Yeah I would agree. Although I love the channel the funds could definitely be used better elsewhere to promote the project which would mean more users and therefore more funds in the way of airdrops.

Love the graffiti idea in cities!

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I like !work and believe the gamification keeps people in the discord learning and interacting. It is going to be hard to approve grants and verify that they are completed. If you don’t want to give away chiz with work maybe mint other collectables like zapper. Can also switch from hourly work to daily work like they do. Don’t underestimate the power of developing habits in the community of regularly visiting and checking discord.

I believe this community needs to find where the talent of its member lies. Are we artists? Developers? Marketers? Let’s get to know each other, form mini-communities within the DAO and figure out what direction we want to go. Let’s create a google doc and people can volunteer their skills and time to work on projects. Think out of the box.

I am very active in the Bankless DAO and can tell you that once you know what the members can do, very quickly they start doing things. The DAO has so many initiatives it is pretty crazy.


I agree that dChiz for $CHIZ needs to end soon. Or at a minimum be reduced significantly. 10k CHIZ is too high of an award for such low effort. Making !work a daily claim also sounds like a huge quality of life improvement. People gotta sleep (but bots don’t).

The ratalyst fund sounds like a great idea as well. Having the ability to spend and earn CHIZ for community projects sounds like a win/win.


See, I think the approval process is actually quite easy. It’s as simple as having a submission stage and then an approval stage as suggested in OP.

I do agree however that gamification and a reason to constantly check in on discord is actually a great way to keep the community checked in and staying up to date. Perhaps we can find a way to expand the capabilities of dCHIZ with another DAO proposal??

Might be a good individual forum post to start conversation and look towards taking action on a way to bring the groups together in this way. Get the illustrators of SRSC together as well as the developers, musicians, etc. I love this idea!

What are your thoughts on the “Ratalyst” Fund proposal?

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I do like the idea of the Ratalyst fund to drive the community growth! And the more I agree that the community should make use of all different talented people within it. Make the members feel they contribute to the community, and they will be pride of being part of it!

Next tot that I believe it can be a big move for somebody to step up and come forward to submit an idea for the Ratalyst Fund. Just because of getting into the public or simply don’t know where to start of generating an idea.

The benefit of the current !work function is that is really low key to use, even for people who are not artist, designers and or programmers. Even if you do not have such talents, this functions makes you have something ’ to do’ or at least give a certain goal of being part of the community.

I am not saying keep the !work functionality. But maybe there is a way to also stimulate the community members who do not know how to help the community grow.

An idea would be to also include certain 'jobs descriptions ’ for the Ratalyst funds, where people can apply to, instead of submitting their own ideas?


Where I agree with SgtJude is how to make non-artists feel able to contribute. Like I can financial model and fundraise until I’m blue in the face but couldn’t draw or code an orange. How can I help? Because I want to.

Greg, I think people like you play a big role in the SRSC. We need people who are sound in finance and economics to lead many DAO discussions. I think this leads to another DAO proposal which will be to create a rewards mechanism for DAO proposals that are confirmed perhaps?

I’m still trying to wrap my head around the best way to reward people for doing important work for the DAO outside of this Ratalyst Fund Idea. However, it is imperative that we realize that you don’t need to be an artist to make an impact in this community. To an extent, the SRSC DAO should be treated like a business. Businesses can’t run without people who know their way around the community and financial ecosystem. I think we will get to that more in later Forum Posts.

As far as this topic is concerned though, I’m going to let this thread marinate for a bit and then I would like to put the Ratalyst fund to a vote.


I’m thinking the best way to pay out CHIZ to commissions (once complete) would be via vote. The finished product is posted with proof of competition and the DAO votes Yes for Complete and No for not complete.
This vote can take place during the Ratalyst Submission period so that the vote would offset the Ratalyst Approval period, allowing plenty of time for participation.

If the DAO votes on that the project is complete, the commission’s CHIZ amount can be fulfilled via smart contract. The remaining question is, who would be able to write the a smart contract? If the SRSC Team has time, maybe they could do this? I will be bringing it up to Rat King, but if not, we may need to contract a developer to do so.

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I like the idea of paying community members with $CHIZ. You can even set up a Coinlab.Land bot to facilitate tipping between members.

I think you can go ahead and create a formal proposal.

I stand behind the idea that SRSC should have the aspiration to become a full-fledged DAO and perhaps this is a good way to kickstart this process.