Sewer Wealth Fund

The following is an attempt to come up with a (potential) proposal for the DAO.

English is not my first language so excuse me for the occasional mistake :slight_smile:

What I believe to be an essential part of every economy is investing. These could be investments in its own infrastructure but also a fund that looks into investing in projects that are not native to this particular economy.

This proposal would be to create a fund that would focus on the latter. Let us call it the Sewer Wealth Fund (or SWF) which would invest in other projects such as NFT’s, DeFi protocols and other crypto (perhaps also non-crypto) related projects.
The (potential) returns on these investments could then be used in airdrops, funding other DAO projects, or just having an extra buffer in the treasury.

As to where the funds for these investments would come from… We could use a portion of the treasury or proceeds from the CHIZ store, or perhaps a fellow rat who is looking for that little extra ROI.
If these investments could be made in CHIZ it would also be a great way to promote our club, but, as this would cause a leak of this scarce resource, it is perhaps not the ideal coin to invest with, leaving ETH as a better option (in my opinion)

Now the practical side. I am in no way in possession of the necessary technical skills that would be required to make this proposal happen, the financial side of things is more my cup of cake as an economics student.
This post is absolutely nowhere near an actual proposal but I hope this could spark a light in someone who is far more capable than I am.

It would be great to receive some feedback or additional ideas if you think this idea is interesting.

Thank you for reading this post :slight_smile:


From my perspective, this is a must for the longevity of our DAO. We’re going to need good wealth management practices to assure we are able to undergo future projects and development that interests the community.

What I believe is that we need to assure we set up assets that can provide revenue streams for the DAO (alongside Open Sea kickbacks that we’re getting already). This is something that other members can further comment on. Thanks for this post!


Whats Up, I would be A Rat thats willing to Pledge Free Funds to the ‘SWF’, Ive been looking for a place to call home and this community is wonderful, Im only invested in the Rats and two other assets, but I would Be Down to allocate funds for this, so count me IN


That’s nice to hear, any other suggestions onhow to improve the idea?

Maybe we can think about this in a couple ways, one being a more diversified portfolio of assets across crypto like yield farming or index coop funds. Second could be similar to partyDAO where we could pool resources to buy expensive NFTs as investments.


Great ideas everyone. For me this sparks the question, do we need a wealth management committee? I think yes and it should hold specific expectations. For example, provide analysis to the club on NFTs or Indices that we should invest in.

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Absolutely a must. I also think its important we look into things that are not NFTs to sell as well. A lot of nfts are risk, here are some sample ideas to make guarenteed chiz for the fund.

50/50 chiz raffle, club keeps half, winning entry gets other half.(note high gas prices may hamper this.)

Merch: i know this is in the works. I cant wait for it.

Fantasy leagues. Offer fantasy leagues. Start with fantasy football. 10 spots 10k chiz entry, have the wealth fund keep 20k chiz, pay the rest out to winners. Once again gas may hinder this

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