SRSC $Chiz Generative Mint Proposal



Not having enough options/always being able to spend your $chiz. Leads to smaller airdrops of $chiz.

Potential solution:

Generative projects minted on polygon for Chiz for cheap.


People love minting and the reveal aspect of NFTs. People want to spend their chiz. They especially will want to spend small amounts of it gas-free on funny/cool looking art. Additionally on Polygon 1 $chiz=1 $chiz. (on mainnet ethereum: 1 $chiz=1 $chiz +gas)


Assume we mint fee of 2000 chiz. 8888 piece collection. Sell out= nearly 18 million chiz spent. With our circular economy that chiz then gets redistributed to the holders! The polygon branch of the chiz store also allows us to not rely as much on eth generated from secondary sales. It allows us to create VALUE for $chiz.

This also creates all chiz collections on opensea. Secondary sales would= more chiz redistributed. (Id suggest users be able to list for eth on polygon in addition to chiz)
Many rats have never spent chiz. This would be a cheap affordable way to allow them to spend it.

How to start:

The First project could be community based. We collectively decide on a character and create a template. You then draw/photoshop/create as many parts/traits for the project as you want.

You could also create all the traits for the character and have a 1 of 1 piece in the collection!

Rat King then makes the smart contract and we have have fun minting and revealing crazy looking NFTs with our Chiz!


We can create funny community based collections, we can create all photograpy collections, we can market collections to other communites, target talented artists with little to no sales, and pay them a % of the minting fees in chiz while allowing them to market themselves and become known to our entire community.


Generative mint projects created together connect our community and will be fun, give even the smallest of rat holders ways to spend chiz, and will be a huge boost to our circular economy.


I love this idea! I think maybe making smaller mint size or cut mint after a certain amount of time is a good idea to help promote the secondary market. I also want to see really funny combinations :smile:

I feel like this idea is a natural extension of our popular art contests.

I think one thing we could do with this proposal is to agree that a percentage of the mint and resales goes to:

  • artists
  • charity
  • dao treasury
  • member airdrop

Should we vote on whether to split the mint and resale revenue or whether it should all go to airdrop?